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Welcome to V-U!

As explained in the video below, technology is the key to solving the most serious challenges facing the world: overpopulation, global warming, epidemics, ignorance, poverty, recession and famine. uses technology to provide flexible online education while students are gaining practical, hands-on experience as professional interns. Watch the video below and be inspired for the future.

Course categories (V-U) offers a revolutionary new model for education, including online, multimedia 'textbooks'; Web conferencing for live online seminars and workshops; and work-study internships around the world.

Anyone wanting to participate in our work-study internship program must be a university student. But if you are not enrolled at another university, you can enroll in Virtual-University, achieve up to 12 credits through online and work-study courses, and receive assistance in arranging a meaningful professional internship all for under $500.

For more information, email Executive Director Jonathan Pixler at or for details.

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