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Following are some of our upcoming webinar topics. To join us on any of these webinars, please email webinars@virtual-institute.us with your full ID and contact information.

Communication Pros Must Shoot Sacred Cows

Trust & Transparency in Professional Communications

How to Master Social Media & CSR

Challenging Today's Framework and Pattern of Professional Communications

Social Media and the Opportunities They Present for Professional Communicators

Theory of Public Relations & Reality

Public Relations & Societal Change

Why PR Pros Must Take Lead in Crisis Management

Why PR Pros Must Be Conscience of an Organization

PR Art of Speaking Straight

Importance of Writing & Working Like a Journalist in Public Relations

How to Blog Effectively for PR or News

PR Agencies Leading Way in Social Media

Strategic Communications vs. Tactical Communications

Learning How to Effectively Navigate the Social Web

Social Media Enabling Organizations to Tell their Stories, Build

Relationships & Engage People

Learn To Love Language like a Journalist and Skill Up in SEO Skills

Professional Communicators, Ready for the iPad Era?

Messaging and Positioning is Everything

Tailoring Your Message To Specific Audiences

Skype, Not Hype

Tapping into Growing Trend of ‘Telecommuting’

Controversial Topics & Public Image

Are You a Twitter Quitter? Ways to Re-engage and Stay Relevant on Twitter

Integrate or Disintegrate: Ways to Integrate your Message across Multiple Channels

Understanding your Brand’s Unique Value Proposition

How to Safely Shift your Marketing Philosophy

Communicating Consistently

How to Consolidate & Correlate Analytics

Advantages of ‘Boutique and Unique’ in Modern Communications

Stuck in the Last Decade? Tips for Timely Internal Communications

Using Facebook for News or PR

Growing Power of Video Journalism

Creative Writing in News & PR

How to Run a Digital Newsroom

Immersion Journalism

Investigative Reporting in Today’s World

Citizen Journalism in the Digital Eera

Writing Specialty News & PR

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Digital Age

Editing for Clear Communication

How to Find Story Ideas for News Writing or PR

Writing Follow-Up Stories in News & PR

News & PR Writing for Radio

News & PR Writing for TV

News & PR Writing for Mobile Public

Online News Writing & PR

Writing International News & PR

How to Create Buzz

Going Viral: Holy Grail of Professional Communications in the Digital Age

Communicating with an Angry Public

Communication Tools for Business

Concepting & Brainstorming for News & PR

Reporting with Twitter

Rethinking Media Writing

Writing Analysis in News & PR

Digital Storytelling

Emerging Trends in Information Technologies

Interactive Multimedia Technology in News & PR

Multimedia Design & Production

Multimedia & Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Technology - Supporting Collaboration, Communication, Creativity & Learning

Technology & the Digital Divide

How Blogs & User-Generated Content are Changing Public Conversation

Complementing Reporting with Blogging

Convergence Culture & its Impact on Society

Conglomeration vs. Fragmentation

Crowd Sourcing & Information Collaboration Cyber Activism

Databases & their Effect on Individual Privacy

Effects of Instant Global Information Flow

Effects of Technology on Social Interactions

Flash Journalism

Influence of Global Media Industry

Monetizing Journalism Online

New Media & a Democratic Society

Virtual vs. Real Communities

Future of Custom Publishing

Problem of More Media, Less News

Online Magazine Publishing

Best Practices for Online Customer Communities

Shaping Public Opinion

Covering Special Events for News or PR

Strategic Media Relations

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